Band: Liam Betson

Band location: New Jersey, USA?

Why we like it: Liam Betson was formerly in Titus Andronicus and previously recorded under the moniker Liam The Younger. “The Cover Of Hunter” is his first release under his own name and his first with up and coming label Double Double Whammy (LVL UP, Frankie Cosmos, Crying). It features appearances from members of Big Troubles, Titus Andronicus and Julian Lynch.

From start to finish, this is a great record. The Cover of Hunter starts off with the eight minute “I Can’t Tell If You’re Looking At Me”. Betson’s imagery and delivery as well as Lynch’s clarinet shine in this song. At times it sounds like Bright Eyes and at times it sounds like LVL UP. For his first studio recorded album, Betson and company did a fantastic job. There isn’t one skippable song on here.

Speaking of LVL UP, they’re going on tour with Liam Betson this summer.

Tour dates below:

8/18 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Sheer Mag, Spirit of the Beehive
8/19 Montclair, NJ @ Bat Cave w/ Toasted Plastic
8/20 Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Spacemonster
8/21 Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/ Max Levine Ensemble
8/22 Pittsburgh, PA @ The People’s Warehouse w/ WC Lindsay, Steady Hands, Denzell, I am a Sea Creature
8/23 Columbus, OH @ TBA w/ Tin Armor, All Dogs
8/29 Hamden, CT @ The Space w/ Loner Chic, High Pop, Krill
8/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Andrew Cedarmark, Mitski

Where to listen: Bandcamp

Where to buy: DDW



Kitten Crisis - “Bummer Summer” (Folk-O-Rama Session)

Have you guys caught on to this band yet? They have a couple Folk-O-Rama friends in the band in Kyle Hall (of Kyle Hall) and Matt Pollock (of Amy Bruce Spaceshow). Check it out!

Not only is kitten crisis so good but Kyle hall is perfect and sweet and just an all around good person and also him and Matt are v talented



Morning Effort - “Captain Football (Shitty Kinsella Ripoff)” [Folk-O-Rama Session]

Did you guys know that Matt from Amy Bruce Spaceshow also has an emo band called Morning Effort? Here’s a brand new session of him playing one of their songs acoustically. In retrospect, I probably should’ve turned on a few more lights in my apartment, but darkness is pretty cool probably.

Check out the band’s EP here:

Get more Folk-O-Rama stuff here:



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"Smoking used to pass the time

And smoking became a waste of time

And talking became a waste of time 

And my life became a pantomime”

So wonderful